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Friday, October 1, 2010

"In the name of God"

I heard a Democratic strategist (on 'The Colbert Report' ) call Republicans 'our Enemies'.
That isn't going to get us far, as Progressives. As Progressives e need to seek out and find the common ground of these quaking fearful manipulated people. Point out the obvious. They've been lied to, spit upon, drugged, poisoned and told that they will go to Hell if they think.

We need to loudly, and consistently point out facts like- Pat Robinson -as a billionaire, is smiling because he feels genetically superior to you and you, his prey, are willing to be herded off the cliff - "In the name of God" ,

Or we need to have a turn off your TV campaign which points out 'Citizens United' has created a space for politicians to be bought directly by Corporations so don't listen to the lies that will be propagated by these heartless, unscrupulous entities 'the Multi-Nationals.'

Our country is on the precipice of a choice of our future. We can either allow our votes to be stolen, and hidden and subverted. We can allow our minds to be filled with adrenal firing or we can seek out facts and find our humanity, And know that billionaires have obligations to this country, which means sharing their wealth through taxation and demand they do or arrest them.

Corporations should be the target of local law enforcement and treated as persons.
Arrested and tried. Their assets should be frozen and only allowed the local DA as their lawyer. If they are persons they should be subject to the same laws as natural persons.
Oh well, I digress and wonder. I am looking for that perfect bumper sticker. Amen