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Friday, October 22, 2010

yoda harvest journal

I gotta a story line.... An Asteroid-crystals blasting through our Satellite Zone-gets stuck in Earth's orbit before it jettisons away ....Taking out all transmissions. `Sanity is restored, as we jettison into another zone...... its all in the wavelengths and the ability to navigate the zones it will either make you crazy and dangerous to yourself or it will heal...its all up to the individual and how we open to the field of invitations.

The thought of the day was......turn it off, don't listen to the quake and quacks using our airwaves to profit. ENOUGH! fuckn A go outside....breathe meditate for at least ten minutes a day. get in touch with the field and every thing is glory glory glory.

That's why I like massage. it presents the possibilities.

Joe said, " They can kill you in hundreds, thousands of ways. You know that! the New ways though
they're fucking crazy. Lasers, wavelengths, poisons, needles, if they don't want a ruckus about how you died. but sometimes though they want to make a statement, then they full on use old fashion methods of assassination. that's how I know there is a God or my sorry ass would be dead a hundred, no a thousand times...oh yeah they only can kill you once, but they know how-oh they do-TO make you want to die. That's why they are still here, We are scarred if we do and broken if we don't They will take you in the end if you let them get your soul. I don't think they got mine, I don't want to think about it......"

my suggestion: electro magnetic shield in helmet or hat and heart area small interfereon but designed in a way that it supports and not hinders the wearer of the shield- it has to be designed multi dimensionally and not actually on three d except in symbolic representation. this is the way of the mystic/// which has been banned and torn apart repeatedly,but now is allowed
Freewill baybay Freewill