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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Voting in Washington ->as i see it<-

today if I were in charge of national security I would be monitoring all employees of the Supreme Court including all of the Justices. I would also be monitoring family accounts of the Justices and I would of coarse be listening to George Hw Bush and his family. But that's me.

On a local level the Secretary of Sate Sam Reed and all of his minions including our local Elections employees and their plans Auditor included. I would also be watching as the ballots go out and are collected. Will the elections officer's husband pick up the ballots off Island by himself (again.) How close is Johnson to Milene? I believe that the 2008 election was rigged (a test rigg. see my posts from then.) for the attorney general and secretary of state in WA)

What about the post office? Where would the ballots be most unprotected? What about doors and exits in the elections office. I would put camera's and security tape on all doors within the elections office. If I had more time and energy I would get a posse to watch the weak areas where our ballots are not secure. Me thinks that there are plans to be thwarted. Codes to be cracked. Internet to be intercepted in the run up to the election and charges of election fraud in the office of the State Attorney General and Sam Reid's office (or offices.) Big time payola all over the country Millions being made. just sell your soul along with the soul of your country -> that's all they ask in return