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Sunday, August 4, 2013

Let the Party Begin

we don't want war no more-
but hey Happy Birthday Obama.

I can't exactly remember who taught me about the constitution, the separations of powers and that it is the overlighting law of our land. Some teacher or teachers Dad or Grandfather,or maybe Dick Riddell? But it is strong in me this belief in the Constitution as the blueprint for our Nation and that no other laws can be made outside of its guidance. I feel my passion for this as almost fervour. It is a guiding light as I watch the take over of our nation by the same old energy that should have sunk by its own weight and density long ago. It was almost complete when a few little ditties were exposed...Wikileaks, Mannin, Drake, Snowden, John Frueh, and other brave people have stopped plans within plans. I thank them. We now know that they spy on all of us and if you watch the phone stations almost any unmarked Joe Blow has access to the wires. How secure is that?
We have a takeover of Capital interests ruling all aspects of life. The Large industrialisation of commerce from prison to medicine. Capital more important than people, life, health and our pursuit of happiness is second to how much they can rob from the planet.
. We have steroid run mercenaries hyped and ready to take over using privatised weaponry that has no oversight or sunlight. The black op funding is not public. They are supposedly letting private companies run HAARP now so we can have Joe Stalin Tactics in a exponential way (whoopy we're all marked to die}. Psychopaths are bowed to. Weapons are seen as the solution to all things.
This is wrong. This has to stop.