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Saturday, August 31, 2013


Yesterday, evening when I was bringing soup down to Greg, I think,
I look over through the trees at my neighbour's and two people scattered, in a crouched position, making me think that they are and were up to no good and makes me think that it was Steve, my neighbour, with a gun pointed at my face, three feet away as we passed Sundstrum, he crouched and driving something low and green blue or ? Like Beth's Honda level) Guard Sundstrum's or maybe it was closer to Whalen's ) On San Juan valley Road on the 13th of August 2013, the day John Buck got himself shot in the face. I hear that Steve is CIA? He is a guy scared and twisted, he had with him as he walked down Wold Road, a clawed gardening tool, looking like a weapon in his hand as he walked down the street the day he threatened to kill my dog. He hasn't been happy since he moved here and his wife makes me want to call them the 'Stepford's" He fashions himself like Wyatt Erps brother Virgil in the Movie Tombstone, but really is of the 'cowboy' Ilk.

I remember when my friend Mary Anne Broadgate White's daughter, Allison, got killed. My car was in a snowy ditch and I had to hitch-hike to town to get to the memorial in La Conner. He had a place where he could have stopped and helped me and didn't. I was devastated. That told me reams about his character that he would describe as impeccable.

Later that day.... after the farmer's market... Rumour has it the Charlie Buck was arrested for the murder of his brother John. It was a hit...It was not Charlie... the Everett Coroner has to be involved

My prevailing Myth is that "The good guys always win" by good I mean 'Loving and merciful'.