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Wednesday, August 28, 2013

digestion ramble

Hush Nancy

The only thing about it is if there are professional assassinations going on...we need to know.
. What to say when you cover up a murder...all the fill could be just that
Sure there are lots of rumours... like only deputies fingerprints on the weapon. And that the deputies botched the crime scene by trampling over the location of the body. (surprise surprise)
I am trying to let it go.
It is hard. Statistically it looks like SJ Counties suicides are ten time the national average in 2000. Darby Lawsen said that there have been 12 suicides since January 2013.
Has suicide gone up everywhere?
What about Ryan Ochoa? Died with a needle in his arm, and his arms laid over his chest?
Is this true? Then was that murder?

The thing about John is his activism is why It seems totally incongruent to his goals.

Here are my concerns:
COG Continuity of government

....that territory has been designated.
That there are rulers- 'New Kings' of the five regions laid out in the Continuity of Governance
That the USA already has been broken up into regions and those regions have been broken into subsets
who operate in the terrorist cell format
surveillance is segmented and not shared amongst minions
Need to know format
that there are federal population control lists of activists, teachers and intuitives that are shared with the regional 'kings'.
That the set up in this region- laced like blood vessels in a body are these network of servants that don't know who they really are working for. Like they moonlight as agents for privatised militia - that these privatised military police profit most from disaster... thus setting thousands of fires throughout the land and are targeting those who would not be obedient to their plans.
Surveillance seems to be both governmental -the long term notables on SJI and also a surveillance force that seems church related ( I would talk to Carissa about that, if I ever get a chance).

The thing on the ferry seemed to be a training operation but still could include lethal force that may have been viewed as a simple slight of hand if I had of been targeted or maybe I would be classified as 'dangerous target' and the thoughtless minions would believe it. Billionaires- what else would they use their money for? War and pollution Moguls- Heartless fools- who want control over everything. they use blood to call upon a raw cold power. May that power be stripped from their plans.

For any claim of suicide I would want to see the full report and I would hire a private forensic investigator to look into the Coroner's claims. I would also hire investigators to investigate the coroner's contacts and the deputies and ranger involved with the collection of evidence. Are they always the same people. What about even Landace and the jokes the Deputies were making about Island Kids dying... Cruel I would have them fired if I were boss of anything.
my conclusion...stay alert, stay in the light
another dive
here goes
the cons means for domination-Drugging the youth, Neutron bombs and gas, infectious disease and weather upset and starvation. Not pretty -they think they have to create Revelations. Paleeeese! Not very smart on one level genius on the other. Time t
Thanks to Albert Pike