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Saturday, August 17, 2013


Fire in Friday Harbor wa Downrigger's gutted by fire early this morning.
Yesterday I learned that another local Islander from a well known family 'committed suicide' with a gun. Kelly Nash. It has been a hush of whispers I guess. How much farther down this road must we go? The constitution has been suspended by Supreme Court Judges that have been sold and live under threat if they differ from the hammers will.
I feel shattered still at the immensity of the moment. my question which I dare not ask without the hammer suspended upon my path. This is what I am reminded of.... As a child we watched Tarzan We built traps that we would then fall in ourselves and onetime Tommy Wiple pushed me into one that I had helped dig. He had cut up garder snakes and threw me into the pit. I couldn't climb out fast enough. I stumbled back in. He tossed ferns over me and thought it was horribly funny. that's what the energy that I feel that I am up against... the a sad up against it too. our own figments coming back at us. .