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Monday, August 5, 2013

what I heard today "Only colonized people colonize"

News "Al quaida intercepted..." the domestication of humans
Big on Obama's birthday News flash like one thing is all the mainstream corporate news can handle... Over seas. Over sees.
So buy buy or is it bye bye you dirn creators of Al quaida . Its time for you to learn your lessons well.

The All that does not care what name it is called. what we need on this here planet is a Humanity that is connected to the all that is. A Connected being is kind and wants to love deeply. Empire steals the spirit because its connection has been warped, lost and twisted.
When the light being is disconnected from its source, it perceives light as finite and a reminder of a deep loss. So it goes on a rampage called Empire. Stealing light and liberty from the Earth. great blood letting, stealing light. Feeling power. An empty desolate power it becomes when it only steals light.
Backwards we are trained, crippled from our wounds, wounded so that we will be obedient to the lies Empire tells. Its empty lies divides to conquer.. Do you see? .

I felt a man today in Ace. I was scared because of his anger (uor because I have been trained?) but when I saw his eyes, I could feel his great wound as an abyss that only acceptance and invitation could aid. That invitation comes from our being Our heart is where we look to find the All. Our Being that would sit with God at all times lays in our wounded heart with God - the all the Goddess and God and Child experiencing humanity connected to the all . today. Experiencing many many points of view.