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Thursday, August 15, 2013


"No sign of fowl play" with a gun involved is mute. It is not conclusive.
On the ferry after the ordeal of stalkers and camera guy when I went down to the car.
On the starboard upper car deck my car was last car to the rail. cameras- not visible if any.
I go to get into the car. There is a wall of energy saying don't. So I pause. The guy in the greenish ( I think) 'Legend'- -for sure...I have never noticed a car of the make 'Legend' before.- The guy started trying on hats. He had a car with stuff tossed in back and he kept reaching back for another hat and looking in the mirror. He seemed to be chuckling to himself and staccato in his movements. When I reached for my door he got fidgety and was reaching forward to the passenger floor. I decided not to get into my car. I 'felt' like he had a gun. My vivid imagination said I would be stuck in the car if he had a gun. cute blondie in the car next to his got out of his car. He looked military.4 sure. when I glanced at him his legs where in a take-off stance towards me. I probably gave him a strange look. but he didn't scare me like the Hat guy did. the couple in back were watchers in my mind. In my mind they would be collateral damage for some reason but they were a part of the set, in my mind. Hat wall no way am I getting in the car until I see cars moving. when the couple left they were replaced by the jew with the teeth. (gnashing of teeth goes well with him). He was down on the stern lower deck... and looked stunned when I started walking towards him. The 'lover's' had been behind my car enjoying the view. I kicked out the tire guard and backed up when I saw the cars starting to move. Then the ferry guy had the Legend go and then the inside lane go. I was last and relived. That is how I experienced leaving the Island on Tuesday the 6:30pm- (1830) sailing I would like to look at video of the galley level stern seating. Something strange was brewing. And I want to stop thinking about it and invite the essence of mr Magoo into my life and miss danger without noticing. and breath joy into each moment.