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Sunday, September 15, 2013

333 day the sword touches the Sun

333 the mists of Haborron
May the names of the Families throughout the world be read this day. May we feel its mistake as a deed to be forgiven for. May we make our atonements and keep our oaths for the good of all out of the good of all and not against it.

And we are exceptional? as in we always get the right to break laws? The weakness of the USA is the truth of our foreign policy. The precipice we stand on is because of this. War Profiteering War on life. War on Liberty War on the Pursuit of Happiness

War on Freedom of Speech Freedom of Religion Freedom of thought.

Let us think now.
May the dark days of Empire be over and done
in the blink of an eye....Without a nuclear or chemical holocaust. My god are these guys sick or what? and the wimps who let them get away with it are also to blame...
May I learn to forgive myself. I am sorry for any wrong or harm that I have done...
please forgive me. I love this beauty that you are- in truth. Bless All