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Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Tender Ears Be Warned

Sunny day.

Da da da daaaaa
Save the day conjunctions
kinetic and powerful- exposure to cover ups
cover ups exposed- big time.
A danger that they will again be covered upped
A litter box of a country that we are in currently, distractions gallour and they still want more. They want the masses out of their way or grovelling at their feet.Please forgive me. I am sorry. I love you.
Corporate manicacs. Pinky and the Brain Style.
if the heroes sleep as they tend to do....Threats to scare us. The Congress is a charade - the gravity of lies and exaggerations. The congress should be forced to sit in chamber or committee 89% of the time. No more fund-raising on our dime is what I think should happen. Forty hour work weeks including Fridays or four ten hour days. They should be banned from ever associating in business with the current congress or US contracts. That's what is rolling around in my brain.