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Monday, September 23, 2013

Vital Premises or shall I rattle your skull and call it a ...

Do not make oaths that break another Oath
Any law that breaks the Constitution is invalid because of so doing.
Top Secret is not ever used to cover up breaking the Laws of the Land or breaking the Constitution of the USA.

Congress can not fund-raise during the hours that Congress is in active Session and can only be allowed a three month election circuit, They would have to campaign from the podium of Congress by doing the peoples work and talking about it. They are to be in the Halls of Congress working/ not fund-raising at least 89% of the work week (assuming 40 hours per week).
The rest of the time in session they have to be present during debates that they vote on during 75% of the sessions debate. They rest of the time they would be attending any Committees meetings that they belong to. Absolutely no staff paid for by the taxpayer can be used for fund-raising.

That corporations could not submit bills to Congress -->as they have been doing.

That no private corporations or foreign governments could be in charge of the security of our Harbours and Ports or for Fire protection.

That Government would be accountable and transparent
That election security would be uniform, transparent, That ballets would be secured and monitored at all times by two individual cameras fed to community site,
That a portion of all elections would be randomly audited in every election, in public.
That no identifying marks or id could be placed on individual ballets and the election community would keep no record of peoples parties on the computers use for counting the ballets. That voting machines are never on line.

That Corporations are not ever considered People or Person.
That they have to benefit the community at large or their rights could be revoked.

That's a start....