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Sunday, September 15, 2013


Yesterday- as everything amps up astrologically speaking and in the Island Beat's dream of madness this:

San Juan County Sheriff articles
Written by Sharon Kivisto
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The "suspicious" placement of an abandoned briefcase triggered an evacuation of Market Place and Friday Harbor Food Bank on Market Street in Friday Harbor around 11:30 a.m. Saturday, September 14.

Two members of the bomb squad based in Marysville - Sgt. Harlan Jackson of the Washington State Patrol and Sgt. Dan Boardley of the Everett Police Department - responded to the request from the San Juan County Sheriff's office.

They used a water cannon to open the briefcase and determined there was not a bomb.

The street was reopened at 3:45 p.m. The two officers boarded a ferry to return to the mainland.
Google Search
web friday at about 8:15am
my comment today sunday 6:14on Friday the thirteenth approx 8:15am Trenchcoat was darting around in a wheel chair(minus his trench coat) like he was having a manic episode. He first went to the loading dock.
Then he was seen twirling the aisles - oops he forgot to shop/
Then on Saturday around ten ten (minutes before bombsquad) I saw a gaggle of people at the family services spot. I assumed the foodbank prep. but their was a snap of something when I drove by- I am thinking it was a drill.

I also saw lots of people in gold shirts looking like they were cleaning up the Mullis Centers grounds (which is next to the family resourse centers /family services which is across the street from Market Place breifcase event and at the same time as the event) they had gold shirts on in my memory and people at the public restroom next to the farmer's Market during the time of the market saturday 10-1 had blue "United Way" T shirts on I assumed they were volunteers painting the restrooms at the most busy time for the restrooms Sat.(ODD ?) I recall about ten of them Male and female at the same time or a (approx 10:30) before stated time of Bombsquads arrival(said to be '11:30'am)
Dr Maran's nurse Darby(?) or was it Laney? -I think was her name- was one. She looked stressed.
and on Friday the thirteenth the WAshington State Ferry the Hyak hit the sailboat Norma Rae hush

Neptune he thought that the mists would hide the scary truck tow truck Blue (like Gene's but dark energy on its large ass hook.) that slowly paused while I watched. Does Homeland Security make me feel safe?

That is like a joke. and the joke is on all of us unless we start to see and think. See what's up and find the immediate solution of thought.