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Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Premises continued

The END NEVER justifies the MEANS. Only- THE MEANS JUSTIFIES THE ENDIf you have no Love in your heart, you have been deceived.
That Human's have been intentionally thrown off by the Dogma of Empire.
Humans are routinely assassinated, MURDERED AND killed BY WAR for thinking freely.
Our Thoughts are our Power/

yeah for Justice instead of Just-us

People who follow Albert Pike and honor him
have been deceived and do it so that they have a sense of power.

That I WILL choose to be conscious of my breath at all times.
Pray constantly.
Drink water
Love and
See sparkles all around
any time and throughout the day I will be gently reminded to pray, breath. think, forgive, love and see sparkles. My life grows into itself.

feds lying makes me think that he was to close to revealing the Feds monopoly on drug running.