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Friday, September 13, 2013

Magnified tennis

right back at 'cha idea:
Register every Spy (CIA,NSA,FBI,private investigators, the poseys, every military contractor, every private fire company, any one working for the government including judges of the Supreme Court, every day law enforcement, Generals and Admirals in the military and yes the Defense Secretary and others on the Cabinet of the President and any politicians would be required to sign a registered and in writing oath to allow their phones, cell phones, computers, houses monitored and entered and to have tracking devises in all of their clothing and vehicles(maybe under their skin? oh what a captivating idea), so they can't forget their phones and be lost..this would be done by other of the above... that is all 'o key dokey because it would keep us safe? it would keep us safe because the above is where all the sludge of Earth's ills begin. I imagine a new industry... watching the watchers, catching the thieves....
PS starting world war three is ill advised.