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Thursday, September 12, 2013

Freedom of the Press

The great thing about the USA is its Constitution. The Constitution that has been systematically dismantled in the last forty years. If the press is embedded and subject to review before their copy can be set, our government is limiting the freedom of the press. Un-embedded freelance Journalists from all over the world, have been targeted and slaughtered by the US military. The right to an informed public has been blocked efficiently by our government and "top Secret' now means cover up for illegal activities, which in itself is illegal, or something is very wrong.

All the gag orders imposed by the military when one becomes a 'government issue' or GI is actually against our constitution because it limits freedom of speech.
Our populace is on Junk food news. Not an educated republic.
We are led around by the nose ring of fear and think that war is a team sport. Ignorant and satiated with meaningless information that is propagated by the corporate news because war is good for business. War is the biggest obscenity on the planet. Blood money is filthy lucre and shame be upon those who scheme us into war.