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Tuesday, September 17, 2013


Yesterday at about 8:30 am in Washington DC the Naval Yard was breached

At first the story said three people involved in the shooting. The dead guy assumed to be the main gunman was a black (perfect for the snooze cycle) young private contractor (as in military government contractor) Ny gasp is why was the Naval Yard designed so a gunman could station himself easily to pick people off below and the Navel Yard seem to have had no armed security up there? seems a bit dense to me. Now the official story is a lone crazy obsessed gunman.

Yesterday in Colorado flash floods took out thirty bridges and killed at least 7 people

The Wolf Blitzer probably needs some depends to keep from showing his excitement over two disaster after such a disappointment last week that China said no to our bombing Syria - oh yeah, he can't know that. He specializes in staying in the box that he's been set in.

So much of the news is greenscreen snooze you got to look for freedom of speech abroad these days. Gag orders and top secret coverups

Its not news that The most dangerous weapon on the planet has been delegated to a government/ corporate hybrid DARPA? Silly me for thinking that's news.

I say that we are luckier than we know. Collectively we have risen above what 'they' had planned for us(by now). All I gots to say is: keep rising all. And 'BLESS ALL'- as my son has said since he was a toddler. May the children protect their sovereignty and may we protect them in and through LOVE>