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Friday, September 20, 2013

Hunting Season

Outside a few minutes ago it sounded like two people shooting from to different positions. Like they were on two different properties. My dear neighbour Steve - who I have a karmic issue with - and the Crosby's place across from me (that may have sold).
snap like a twenty two or maybe a pistol and one sounding bigger. Not a semi automatic that fires off at times.
to me it sounds like anger and fear. I get scared that anything alive in the area will get shot. I guess that's the way bee-bee guns were. The boys in the neighbourhood would go gunning for all wild life. Not my brothers but their friends would do it just to see me mad. I used to through people into the swamp Usually a friend that I was angry at or a boy that was a friend but we got teased so I beat him up - as I recall. That is what having three brothers was like and an oasis of the woods where no adult could be found only ancient stumps, a creek with crawdads and salamanders (that was later, tragically jailed into culvert) and a swamp with frogs and salamanders..and the teenagers to be avoided - always avoided. Groups of adolescents were always dangerous. So that's what the gunfire reminds me of. That and war and the Hatfield's and the McCoy's. Hunting season has begun on a small island with deer and other things to slaughter.