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Saturday, May 11, 2013


Last year I killed or maimed three beautiful snakes while weed eating.
I will not weed-eat during the morning and actually I am challenging the programming that I have that sees long grass as bad. Its a Puritan paradigm that sees the natural world as something to be fought and tamed. It is then seen as our duty to fight against it or else we are seen as bad neighbors (kinda like the emotions around vaccinations).
Within me, what is beauty? How do I allow beauty to infuse my life? How do I introduce the wild in creating a wild eye towards beauty? Enhancing it? How do I let go of this ugg feeling that pervades when I excavate me and my truth? Energy first. Matter follows the energetic pattern. The energetic pattern of nature is vibrant and alive. Our whole culture is based upon the destruction of the freedom of nature. A viral paranoia becomes the acceptance of authority as outside of our self which then sets our own energetic spirals of kilter.