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Sunday, May 26, 2013

Mount Vernon Bridge Howl

In order to control a population taking out bridges makes sense as in the movie "Macarthur" (that I happened to watch last night) - the General's quote that haunted me is something to the effect as "starvation is my greatest weapon." Bridges move food. Added is the question if they spray stuff overhead that makes us unable to grow our food they have us under their control. I can't help thinking this way. It is like candy to me.

I also say -gee -look at the reference and the symbol...Mount Vernon...Bridge.
I say Bridge is the moon tonight. I howl

the river was up the last time I went over that bridge the day after mother's day. It was a good bridge. I liked that bridge a lot. It symbolized the last turn to Anacortes. I will be chewing on this for a while. How many bridges have been going down across the country? Are they really using weather modification to create mammoth tornadoes? Why is this still going on? How can it be stopped without destruction? One person. the bridge needs to be flipped. who is the person, the pin, that will knock the others down. Me thinks, I have mentioned him once or twice or even more.