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Friday, May 24, 2013


Travis:The guy from the transportation department said -Even new bridges are vulnerable to trucks hitting them and causing collapse.- Dumb to say over the airwaves. And utterly wrong to design this vulnerability into bridges. and then I ask- who has access to the grading of bridge safety information? Could this be another conspiracy? could it be a vision to break i5 and other highways flow? Too expensive to fix, so we will sell it to China and let them fix it ehhhhh GW Bush's little laugh. ' Socialize the losses Privatize the profits" hee hee hee, Disaster makes money and news.

i see it now. every one being pissed enough to try this at home.
Why? the question is starting to become ... Why not?
Why are 'they' allowed to operate?
because people are framed and threatened against their better self and paid very well. Then they take to all sorts of second chakra play to distract themselves from the voice of their heart. Like those men who said they believed the Waren commission report in the movie a rush to judgement.... said what they had to say to stay alive after many witnesses being killed.