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Thursday, May 23, 2013

Parasitical Predator

Parasitical Predator Can feel them circle and pace Stalking me through my weakness
my Love. They see love as a weakness The Parasites need to be identified, stopped and the toxins from their poisoned plans contained.
Hypnosis can be stopped by awareness of the techniques of induction and subliminal programming.

The movie below has a voice that makes me cringe but be speaks thoughts that we need to peak at. Stretch to comprehend.Our thoughts often serve to partition. We are taught to be out of synch with the divine. .

Call in your codes activate.

Sunday morning Memorial Day Week-end 7:59 am
This is my biggest chew toy... If it is true that the missile that hit the pentagon on 911 was aimed at the pentagons office that was auditing the missing trillions then they have play money to do what ever sick things that they want because we have a bunch of chicken shits at our healm. Chicken Shits that have so much perverted black-mailable deeds behind them that they -being political - can't let the truth surface- calling it 'national security' no its their security that redact so much information. Information that should be in the public domain. then one thinks of Bradley Manning and the dead pawns strewn across our history.

so here is my worry today and tomorrow mainly DC is my focus one of the monuments like the Washington Monument...that would make logical sense. I think Bush's team set it up when he was in office. I was there when they were renovating the monument and it felt like a take over. If I were a spy who thought that I was helping my country survive... I would check out google- who is redacting pictures of the bridge? then I would send someone who is able to enter the Washington Monument with bomb sensors and dogs. this might b e my fictional twist of my imagination but it makes so much sense to me. Where is Rove and Dick Cheney and Barbara Bush's team? I think George Herbert has Alzheimer's (by the look on his face) that or he is very well medicated. .and ro ben fuldord 'Zionisr' is such a loaded word and it misleads I would simplify and call them 'Neocons' or just plain 'CONS' DARPA DARPA DARPA bridge to dc by Lincoln's Monument and Maryland train trestle all bridges and train trestles in and around the DC mount Vernon and Maryland an ode to Dulles and Reagan even subways a part of a series of collapse that sounds like a good fictional plot for a story..