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Sunday, May 19, 2013

Magician awaken

The magicians play at their tricks and distractions,
willing to sell off great chunks of America's myth of greatness.
We the American people munch and sit.
I am one of them.
Only I see with the aid of astrology's lense what's likely going down
and the edge of the blade is upon us.
Our 'heroes' need to be heroes instead of obeying
orders that crack the model of what is right and good and Just.
"Yes sir" they are taught to say as they bludgeon their souls by decisions that will kill families like its a video game.
The empire is now a global Empire run by the wealthiest people on the planet/. The Politicians -both sides- are taught to be willing to trick us. Clinton, Gore, Kerry, and yes Obama have tongues of gold that carry us into believing that they mean what they say, all the while having their fingers crossed and bent over for the golden sausage, like a torpedo, creating a rent in the fabric of our future.
((system of the down is not recommended listening just an example of how the media game is played how the cons flip it in your face - wanting to create mayham...._))

As a left wing bleeding heart liberal 'Christian' I blame the democrats for where we are more than the republicans. They didn't end the filibuster> any liberal democrat gets demolished and deserted by his party. Our elections are shams (Bar-codes on my ballot proves that to me). In the democratic party we have wusses willing to sell their integrity for money and security.
I believe that it is these 'bad' guys that will save the day. If they can get out of the trance that has been set. One that goes like this....we will give you lots of money if you deal- we will kill you or your loved ones if you don't.. Clinton- golden boy- who I do honor and see his beauty- got where he is by playing the game. Billions of dollars in his 'foundation' makes him a welder of the sword. He is hope in germination.

Harry Reid is a 'golden glove' boxer. His hands are weighed down by gold. His soft whiney voice assures us that he is holding true to his parties principles while he winks across the k street banquet. They all know the ropes. They know the game.

Instead of cursing all of the traitors they need to be blessed with exposure (kind of like in south Africa reconciliation).

My major issue is weather modification. weather modification poisons our air and soil. It is secret. It is run by a private military hybrid. It could be used against us in a major offensive false flag 'terrorist attack'. Currently it is being used against us- which is aiming to scare us and create insecurity. Tornadoes created by radar stations should be main-stream news.added may 23, 2013- Only that would get their license threatened and potentially pulled for something unrelated and most of the media is paid for with advertisements of the pharmaceuticals, oil and defense industries. Gee wiz that's just like our politicians. Not to mention that the main stream media is owned by corporations highly invested in these aimed to kill industries.

My only hope today is sun spots. Sun spots disturbing the ability to use satellites. Just a fantasy that makes me smile because I haven't thought it out enough to know if there are enough people who are awakening to hold safety and love and to spread throughout the land. (The answer is yes there are enough heart-full people or else we would already be a continent of glass. (In my dream last night I was screaming at a crowded arena for people to stop watching tv news -snooze.)

we need to know that the media is empire's stage. we need to know that Love trumps hate.
we need to know that light supersedes darkness. we need to know that we are divine sparks of divinity.
each person, everything we do is a sacred act. I need to learn and know all that and how to Love and forgive and envision
"Beware of the ides of March" or is it May?
Venus square Chiron, on 20 May (19 May - 21 May)*
Venus sextile Uranus, on 18 May (17 May - 19 May)-this is the weight the ballast to stand upon
Uranus square Pluto, on 20 May (4 May - 7 June)