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Tuesday, May 7, 2013

shall we watch?

Washington State not a plane in the sky for two days - believe me I see them when they are there- contrails or no-. Its been sunny warm and glorious. In three or four days the weather is 'predicted' to change. So kids- watch the sky and see what happens a day or two before the change.

they have new wispy formulas but one can see the application and then see the results {0)or feel them as an unnatural coldness on the skin. Reminds me of diet soda, that kind of feeling.}

Later that day. fog today so my mind goes directly to night time aerial laying their potential formulas formula.
This is how bad I think it is with this stuff... that it is weaponized experimentation that they do on us and all life. That because there is no oversight, highly secretive, run by private companies with no sunlight no transparency, no recourse after the damage is done. So many illnesses are of benefit to capitalism... corporate medicine feeds off of the pay then down you go. killing two birds its like magi, to the blind heartless zombie who defines himself by his money.