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Thursday, May 2, 2013

Talking about the Weather

Take the 'r' out of 'revolution' -which we know doesn't work- and turn it to 'evolution'
(not an original revelation)

Don’t talk about the weather to me because I am apt to start ranting
I sometimes am able to suppress my rage – sometimes
I have to breathe to succeed at that.
I thought, today, that the Motto for the USA should be
“Ignorance IS Bliss”
Only people end up sick, stuck in prison or destitute because of that ignorance.

What do they-the corporate mf's have up there sleeves today?
The one pony media show -what’s next?
I see that the media is the magicians scarf waved to distract us from what really is going on.
If people weren’t in a trance or were aware of their trance, they would see a whole different world.

Our worlds are created from within
So why do I look to the sky and freak out at what I see? How do I as a believer that I create my reality from within my being then focus and resist the blue sky being turned an ugly and dangerous grey?
“Isn’t it a beautiful Day?” I want to scream "NO!"... "Why don’t you see the planes and the persistent CON-trails?
"Why? Why? Why?" Then I am out of sequence, I am disconnected and I am feeding the 'matrix' which is the very thing that I don’t want to be doing!.
So my question is{ what am I supposed to do about something the things that activates my Uranus energy (which is almost over powering my chart, in the fire of Leo)– linked to Pluto which links to Jupiter,, making everything in me expand. Jupiter hits hard in my chart. Its wingman Pluto easily sees. Making me think everyone sees too. I am astounded that people don't see and by how much people don’t question or seem to care that our soil and air is being sprayed every day practically. Sometimes I even smell it it smells like cement sealant. . Oh well- do you see why I love the weeds? they soothe my soul. I don't want them to die. Like they will if the idiots get to rule the weather.