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Friday, May 3, 2013

mufled feeling

Convenient Media

HMMM Fire in Southern California[ I didn't get where it was at on news playing before Pearce Morgan- Actor stands pretending to own the house which was featured with flames in the background. I am starting to think that was photo-shopped too. Blue screen madness. He was staged. It was obvious. So watching Pearce gun violence mentioned the five year old who shot his sister with a sweet child pitch. The expert mentioned the Chicago shooting that happened recently where twenty people were shot. Pearce waved that away with a "well thought" um um question.
convenient boston bombing- fear all people who were foreign born.
Fear each other. again our color our chain Empire with its hidden whips.

Peace is the sounding bell. can you hear it sounding out? All the colors from the sun are here.
I welcome them into my life. Amen

Note| twenty people in the whole city of cChicago got shot in a few incidences within twenty four hours. So that doesn't seem like a good night but it is a big city and we need to hold it in light not militarize it. bomb em burn em if you are military that is what you do if your told to. that is the fn machine/ Becoming prostitutes of the worst kind selling their grandchildren's wilderness and redemption.

May twenty 2013 dark Legacy watching and want to note that
John Kerry is a bonesman. watch your back Obama.