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Tuesday, May 21, 2013

The Whip

What’s free will?
An agreement to dive into this dense point of matter forgetting who and what we really are
Under the gun of controllers who have scared us into reversing our energies and into believing that we have to suffer in order to live. The question that I have to all my fellow humans is: Did you come into your body this time to live under a system of lies? Or did you come to be an instrument of the divine?: What are you willing to sacrifice for being true to spirit? Slavery? Injustice? War? or do you worship money as a realm of God? T.V., its alter.
. Under the tick-tock of an out of synch calendar, one that has purposely forgotten the melody of the planetary promenade so to hide secrets. Only a few were allowed to know the laws of matter, life and the divine within all things.
My question today is, why am I here? My question to the masses the mainstream Americans many who are trapped outside of their bodies is, "Is that why you came choosing by default to be under the whip of fear?"