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Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Image and Likeness

The aim of this writing is to provide information on many levels
It is aimed to remind you of who you truly are
Which simply stated is- you are made in the image and likeness of God
Which means what? What does it mean to be made in the image and likeness of God?
You answer that.
I am going to write about the trance that humanity has been in.
Currently we stand at the edge of a new way
The choice point
Which is through love and connection that we will heal
Through fear and violence we lose we divide and that is how we have been conquered.
We create our future with our hearts. So this will be a project that seems on one level about the mundane tasks of touching the earth/ it is about being the Earth, the Sky and everything within.

Capitalism is not democracy. It has nothing to do with Democracy. Capitalism, at this juncture, is about a theft of the commons from the people of this world: Air, water, earth, and its people, all seen as expendable resources to use in the pursuit of this made up concept - money.
We are programmed. All are programmed with the DNA pattern of oppression and guilt which are used as buttons for control.
Fear is our collar and chain with its zap we become a chemistry of reaction.

Back to capitalism. A suppression, planned waste and obsolescence based on security but really makes us expendable because we have been trained to grovel and scrape. War, Prison, Police with Bombs and automatic weapons, corporations who poison, Pharmaceutical companies poisoning us intentionally by using heavy metals in their concoctions, geo-engineering aimed at destroying the wild. We have forgotten. Nay, the rulers have forbidden our knowledge of our connections to the Earth.

We sit obediently in front of our TVs and are fed our daily dose of what to think about – propaganda of corporate- notions. Our elderly and children are hypnotized and muffled. Easier that way. We are to busy on the hamster wheel of consumption to notice that our thoughts have been encapsulated and trained.

who is in denial? He thinks weed is heroin. T3:42 SECONDS IN HE wacks her like a pro abuser. I would do some research on him/ Kodiak... Dumb de dumb dumb I'd like to see him off the force, he is not too sharp. He appears to be a control freak who is there to abuse his power and not to assist or 'serve and protect'.