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Monday, May 20, 2013

Pentagon Terrorism Promotion Fund

two point three TRILLION MISSING

I am wondering if the media outlets get scripts before events?
I believe that they do when the events are going to be big. Inserting the point of view that serves to direct our thinking.
Prior to Sandy hook it seems that someone setup sympathy posts on facebook and other social media sites. I know with the Columbia explotion they had a script. The script distracted us from the build up towards war. Columbia was symbolic sacrifice for the tomb robber’s success, Dual purposes. It destroyed evidence of depleted uranium ladened sands drifting into Israel, Shakespeare would have much to say on this matter. Or another script was the Finnish (I think) newswomen that said that building seven had collapsed with a clear pic ure of it in the background of the newscast. But that all could be a green screen mistake. Maybe?

A Day to LOOK back and re- member

I can't help it. I try to forget about the great big world conspiracies but hey Pluto is pointing its rod.