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Monday, August 8, 2011

metalic haze

to me the metallic haze days are the most threatening, like impending doom and I don't see why you'all can't see and smell and taste it. I cry for the insects and the illnesses that are being created out of this utter and pure corruption of the scientific community. The Nazi's still rule science and now for sure our government and the corporate mime of 'kill'em off capitalism' or 'the dead hand' is being played out and we are deadende we are programmed but it is now the time to know your responsibilities are to create in your mind the future, freewill, using your gifts to the highest order. this means the ability to remove those who do not play by the newly enforceable rules, the energy that blocks freewill , shall be removed from the realm of the new world and shall stay in the old which will be deemed hell.. It is about spiral, it is about light, it is about frequencies. and 'the Dead Hand' wants control of all that and more its time has past, it has been removed. Now it will be cleaning up the residuals. Meta 101 Here is how. find the symbol of the one that will not leave your space after you have grounded and asked it to leave. You wait and inform it that if it doesn't leave that you have the authority to remove it from this realm of freewill. If it doesn't leave you might have an energy that is attracting it and holding it to you, look for that picture , let go of it. you are not a victim, your energy is magnetic so let go of pictures that may attract the energy, forgive and if it still won't leave. find its symbol and copy it like a xerox flipping one after another atop the original, matching its energy smack on the symbol. if you stay grounded you have the authority to cast out demons. You have a body. They don't. You have freewill. theirs is forfeit when they violate the freewill oath.
he/she who reads this and understands deserves a reward
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