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Monday, June 10, 2013

the wild human

the wild human knows that they are a part of the great
they know freedom in their heart
they know love
they know their intuition
they know God &
are connected to God
and sing in melody with the All

This is why we have been domesticated and stupefied
People with their intuition blasting will see the piles of dirt where someone is trying to bury the truth.
Being domesticated,we are not to look beyond the fences of what we are told... The frame they have us in is the dreaded 'conspiracy theorist' wacko dangerous nut... or that is what you are supposed to think when someone looks beyond the headline fence and asks questions and connects dots. That is a no no.
So the question that has been circling my mind is - are intuitives seen as dangerous to a state run by secrets? Why yes they are its obvious, think of 'witch' burnings. Intuition is natural. We have been brutalized out of synchronicity with the divine. It is past time to change all that and stop with the beliefs that lying is the only way to be safe.

Tuesday June 11, 2013 Tulalip Casino exit afternoon twoish
Large Oil Pan Funnel dancing down the road
She saw what she thought was someone tossing it out the window of a pick up and screeching off the freeway and onto the exit. The five cars in front waltzed away from its path at seventy miles per hour. It was someone on her left an d a car on her right as she slowed enough to not get smashed from behind yet to navigate the path. She sped to take a look at the truck that did it. It was full of junk. She got in the right lane pretending to turn right. They got behind her. She went straight. The pan landed on the line and stopped. That was a miracle.
It took days to shake the dimensional shatter.
It still haunts her.