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Tuesday, June 18, 2013

secret of life James Taylor

One thing I know about me is that sag down there and Jupiter over there I am about freedom and I myself froth at the clamp. the clamp around everything. Twenty five percent of the government has been stolen. Up and walked off with. Socialize the losses. Kill for Profit. Put cha in jail baby. The threat the surveillance the Hammer. Make your babies sick for someones Lear jet. we are not supposed to notice. They have always been able to take the reins back if humans respond violently. As in revolution. That only serves the masters. It is Evolution of our thinking of our hearts rhat will change things. My mark is often short.

comments later one degree cancer- moon conjunct moon full tomorrow capi with the sword
so adventure and I can't talk about it yet. they scramble and could be caught today.