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Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Healing the Slave blueprint

Two sets of grandparents or four genetic donors
Each having four genetic donors so that is sixteen great grandparents
Biblical begot here
Sixteen great grandparents each having four donors is 16x4+sixtyfour
Great great 256, great great great 1024, great great great great 4096
In the fifth generation we have almost fortyonehundred genetic pools encoded into our genetic code.
Thou shalt not kill… that is why. That is where I turn to heal today all the way back like a whip of energy assisting all relations in lifting the curse of mistaken torture which was used to close our potential to that of a slave.

Our bodies are storehouses of energy. They are tuning forks.
We are taught to fear them. To be disconnected and hateful to our bodies.
Dumpire created that little poison, long ago.