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Saturday, June 29, 2013

Dead hand of Dumpire cw

Early Joe Biden at Dover Air Force Base
Humungous HAARP Ring out of Dover AFB yesterday morning
lets watch what happens to Delaware

Note later June 30th 11:39 pm Thunderstorms in Delaware Nothing humungous.
I believe it is weather driven by commodities.

back to the supreme court which is on my mind. I think some rookie detective work would easily uncover much high crimes and miscemenors if someone had balls. I'd say they all have hands in the cookie bowl. The gay thing was to make it seem liberal... wait for the meat. that is when someone gets paid indirectly like insider trading. taking air, soil and water and tainting it with long term pathogens

July 2, 2 013 w oke up angry at John Kerry for his 13 trillion dollar comment about speeding forward with weather modification becuse it is a a thirteen trillion dollar industry. s c i e nc e he says but if it is cloaked by secrecy and plotting severe weather so that we will beg for weather modification and no one truly looking at aluminum accumulation and other toxins that it sprays over our heads how can you call it safe without actual data ? a big fu out to Kerry dunderhead whore.
I see few bees when they should be swarming certain plants like comfrey. I see people dying of lymphoma, ms. lupus,multiple myloma, mystery illnesses, all could be caused in part from the experiments that they do in this region. John Kerry the great betrayer is not a democrat, he is a bonesman and should be arrested instead of being in one of the highest positions in the world. fie on him