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Saturday, June 29, 2013


I don't even want to go outside because the bees are not around they wrecked the sky and the air quality and I feel broken-hearted.

Broken Hearted at the cowardliness of governmental servants who haven't spoken up or done something about the corruption that haunts our country.

All of us have the genetics of suppression. Its in our bones. The shear horror of the splattered blood of a loved one encoded into our blood has made it easy to control humanity. Just remind us of the horror.

The horror I see today is the trajectory set in motion long ago. We can go back to the time before time to see the true power of an Earthling. We have it. It is still there but in lock down, shut down, don't even think about it mode.

Sure there was an event- that event is encoded in our DNA because our DNA survived the event.
I believe that we went into an agreement to have our DNA / our power be suppressed because we had abused our absolute creative image of God power. We blew up paradise and we are aware that we could do it again. We see it.

An energy was allowed to control us & to domesticate us and to rule over us because we were afraid of the screeching pain caused by our fall, Our separation from God because of our shame.

Now is the time to heal that shame, that fear, we have learned our lessons now it is time to buck up and own up to connect to our source of all things and get the answers we need to get out of this utter mess of a government and monetary system. It is a ruse. they the rulers know it and the most important thing to them is to keep us dull(by the magic of chemistry) or in fear because then we can't see the game. We don't feel it. We forget why we are here.

So I see the sky. I see the sky. Most people don't think about what they see, it doesn't compute, Its too big. I want to scream 'they wrecked the sky again...
fuckers" So there I am absolutely imperfectly perfect.

Along with the rest of us.... That is where I have refuge. In my broken heart mended with the balm of spirit.

Lots to be done to stop a chain of events caused by sucker punching the mid west and eastern seaboard with weather modification holding water in the west and causing drought and fire storms in some of the western states Idaho, Montana, California, and Colorado. they want us sucking our thumbs and begging them to do something. Absolute secrecy of the components in their con-cock-tions. Poisons, pathogens sicko Nazi wet-dreams. That is what I see could be the trajectory if things don't start unraveling yesterday. That's my game. We all have a piece here- a talent to add. Bigger than we remember, we are.