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Saturday, June 1, 2013

Information Please

This is the gig... all this extreme weather secret secret secret right in front of our eyes
manipulation of the weather. The magicians think they are going to ride on in with the magic bullet..."we can stop these tornadoes that we manufactured -I mean - uh dah.... sorry that you're sick"

Alex Jones had an old fart weather modification salesman on to run it by us. jones is a shill. Alex Jones is a big part of the corporate media programing the ones who are thirsty for truth and information. The art of the media. His job is to keep us scared and his gig is part lie with a hint of truth. the lie then is encased in a lie. It sticks to the truth. Because of our thirst we suck it in and it sticks. We have to learn about resonance...not weapon resonance but the resonance of our spirit. Its not our hands it is our minds that initiate change. Security is a pattern that usually encompasses a stagnant anaerobic stench. We can only be secure in our willingness to look at the whole pattern- the pre pattern...Like the assassination of John F. Kennedy. A Pattern was set. Ignore them and you feel are are lavished with gifts...but always the threat, the hint of blackmail and betrayal you live with that. Hidden Information...that is plane to see.Beliefs keep things hidden so the belief can be secure.