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Friday, June 14, 2013

In chains

Back to the Window
A fractured glass
Walking the line
Between the prism of realities
The broken mirror shattered into sands
Look there , the red flag
Taurus bares its horn

Roar lion roar
To follow the path of long ago
woven is our future. Through story we shall go.

Hospital scene- only white guy tall thin pale possibly red head orange prison suit hands in front loose chains fat cops behind looking like they're having fun. She had her brother unknowingly be her shield.

The odd thing was in the hospital where her son was taken
Her brother sits
As he was signing out for a stroll, waiting, she looks at the clip board in front of her eyes was – ‘Mason’. Her last name. “Hey there is someone by the name Mason here. “ The name was on the clipboard and that was the fact.

Another funny thing happened in front of her eyes…A projectile twelve lengths ahead.
“I need to lock the door.” she thinks as she sits thinking about her interpretation of things. The story sunk into her mind, how can it be eased?

Later her rant:
June 15 2013
She said to him, “you know its hard when you start thinking that way, you can think of thousands of ways they could kill you. Terrorists, the government, the corporations, all could come gunning for you at any time. “ “By terrorist, I mean a bunch of white neocon assholes. They are the source of much terror, a global reign of terror. They spray the skies to reign over us. And we say ‘dah’.”

“A strawberry blond short guy said to me today ‘God bless you’ and I felt like screaming ‘Which god?’ you mother fucker.’”
Resisting him of course, he was everywhere when I went shopping. He wasn’t shopping. He was of the ilk that wouldn’t think twice to steal and lie and kill if it suited him. At least that’s what my body said. It said stay away from him and be ready “
She kept her rant…”I wanted to scream to the crowd today, “look at the fucking sky !” “Why don’t cha?” “Idiots” I want to scream. It seems that everyone is too slow, to numb, or too busy to see what’s right in front of them
Sometimes I want to escape and be just like the masses: fat, ignorant and proud of it. Part of me knows the dearness of their hearts and part of me doesn’t.”

Destruction is such an easy thing. ‘They’ think that destruction is power. Yes the power to take ‘them’ out of play. Once and forever. Good bye.
It may take a few more years for most of us to amp up. Once we do Empire will be an impossible dream.
That is why the desperation. The Nazi blueprint that pulses us towards recognition because we will have the demystification of compliance.

Its Sunday June 23, 2013 I found this in my documents I don't know when I wrote it but a warning to the team that fumbled now it is likely to be your turn to slide through time or else the removal of you is imminent.

The shrapnel -close to the heart -had to stay or else very likely severe blood loss, the slow warm- sometimes cold sleepy form of dying. David lay there thinking he should of said “Take it out Doc” The sharp pain didn’t kill him -it made him think that dying would be too easy. The easy way out. God must have something here for him.

The doctor wondered sometimes if she was doing a favor when she saved people and they dove into that battle with pain. Unimaginable pain and why imagine it? “A cut finger” , Thank -you very much”
The dust settles. Home. Wife and kids were visiting Texas because the wife was scared from the ‘look in his eyes.’ Wife says, “You’re possessed”. He’s in a fog of pain killers, nausea and constipation. “Not feeling to good?” He hears the ghost of his father whisper in his ear. He caught that thought. Maybe he was crazy. Maybe he was possessed?