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Friday, June 7, 2013


Three times I have witnessed an instant change in the clouds. This is how it goes ...
persistent contrails lined up - then instantly they form a scatter pattern- in a radiating pattern, like a circles within circles, then in another instant the cloud pattern puffs. (An image of contrails seems to be in the background of every newscast -so most don't notice the sky manipulation).... People don't see it. We the people would be pissed if we knew what they do and what 'they' have done. Tornadoes in a snap. Who benefits? follow the money - follow the greed for power- as always.

A big shout out to Bradley Manning... a true man. I hope that Eric Holder has to go away and he himself is under investigation including moneys or jobs to his family and transfers of assets to foreign banks. Riggs Riggs Rigged....Whats the name now? He works under the influence of darkness and secrecy evil and lies.

Thank you Bradley Manning and Assange May you feel Peace and Joy this day and every day
My Heroes July 2, 2013 I wonder if it is illegal to direct viruses at peopld's computers