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Friday, June 7, 2013

Playing the Fool from November 2011 in draft

"Controversy equals fools and wise men -- and the fools know it."

In my youth, I enjoyed taking on ridiculous arguments. I'd debate with anyone, anytime and revel in my ability to feel victorious in my rhetoric. Of course, the truth is that I didn't change anyone's mind about anything. In fact, I finally realized that I was deluding myself and might as well have been reciting limericks to a grilled cheese sandwich.
from: Mo's Corner:
Of Fools and Wisdom

I am still very young in my rhetoric...I need to shift out of the Rebel Archetype and into the Fool with no apologies...because for me lightening the load is 'what it is' Ego and impressions - the fear of rejection. the fear of not being enough, the fear of being downright repulsive all is the gift of the Ego. If you look at the right and left hemisphere of our (chopped in half) brain - we have been chained to the left hemisphere by our dear "protector' our Ego. this is what Jesus was talking about. but no. We have made God in our image ..... An Egomaniac heartless hater. Oh well some might miss the boat alas Earth wastes Nothing!