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Saturday, June 8, 2013

the top ..1%

With trillions of dollars and blood in their eyes, they have taken over all aspects of our communities. Embedded in each community. Some are threats to our communities. The ones who wish to suck off our blood & Earths blood and her beauty have as their servants domesticated humanity. Their bosses need a spanking and to be sent to their rooms. No more do we hold back our divine nature and intent. They are puny little things that cower when their master summons. they have been watching me for the last ten or so years. I could name some or point them out. Does this mean that I am a threat to National security and could be taken out Now? Have they been doing this for a long time.and for a long time?
It ties to the drug war. Intentionally bringing drugs into our communities because it serves mufti-purposes (like all of their schemes): Grows Prisons, chemically restrains the youth, adds theft & so grows the Police and Justice (barf) community. Pays very well. People are black-mailable and therefor pliable.
Pot is illegal to grow because it could provide all needs for us and the type of capitalism that is out of control needs us permanesuckled to its breast IE pharmaceuticals, petrochemicals, nuclear power. All meant to destroy this planet by some malicious beings? a question that pops into my head sometimes... Seems like the link in a chain infected with rust. And if I am being followed now they hang back and make my life more pleasant except for when it happened before the threat to me and my family was felt in my heart...tight rope walking sometimes Light rope walking is what saves lives.