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Friday, June 21, 2013

what I always say

The American Talibon
call themselves Christian his teachings left far far from their lives
It goes like this... "I am saved because I said these magic words... He died on the cross for our sins.."...They are easily manipulated. Any end justifies the means for a greedy sour life...judgementle, cruel and severe... the American Talibon demands control, luxury and lust. They pretend to be good but have no depth of love.

Then I is the head of the cog. in every city and key towns all over the world, there is an administrator who is ready to do the bidding of the lizard mind.

I am making gruit these days. My new hobby. My distraction.

Lets see, what has Empire brought us? Wealth, security? or destruction, separation and horror?
My wealth is the air, the sky, the earth and its blessings. Sure having enough money is good and understandable but when is it obscene? It is obscene when a person intentionally destroys a life of another human being for money and power.

Soldiers wake
become warriors

Money is an agreement. Nothing real but what we believe it to be.