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Friday, June 28, 2013

One Trick Pony

I had to endure watching Fox Snooze and CNN last night.

Zimmerman Trial was the only thing to talk about. Gee whiz I know I was feeling riled.
Trabon was acting in self defense if he did assault Zimmerman (I wanna add 'sleaze bag). I am playing into the hand. The Dead Hand wants nothing more than the 'us and them' mentality that the Zimmerman Trial invokes- by intention. while things are boiling around the world. I don't know how but I know the drum is rolling; can you hear it? Can you feel it? Much more than the Zimmerman trial is going on. It holds much hope if The Dead Hand of Dumpire would get off its delusion of superiority and see seven Generations ahead and seven generations behind. What is the trajectory and how can we change it?.

Do we want the wild to be gone because the soil was poisoned?
Do we want to call water the new gold?
Do we want perpetual war?
Will you ever know heaven?
Can you find it in your heart?
Do you know love or is it only external power that gets you high?
Are you afraid that people wouldn't love you if they knew you?
I know that that is the most prominent shackle that we wear/
We were not taught to breath.
Or to tune in. It is such a simple thing.
I have not weed eated and it looks wild and 'ugly'
I crave the short grass but I don't want to kill my snake population.
The programming of Empire to do things so others will approve of you instead of doing things that you approve of. It all starts from where we are. I need to heal my splintered self.